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Turkish Philanthropy Funds (TPF) is the leading U.S. community foundation for high-impact social investments dedicated to Turkish and Turkish-American communities. Since 2007, TPF has mobilized over $46M and has invested over $26M in grants with partners focused on addressing economic, social and environmental needs in Turkey and around the world. By providing support to realize the philanthropic vision of individuals, families and corporations, TPF donors and partners have reached thousands of families and directly funded over 200 projects.

TPF encourages the aspirations of individuals, families and companies that want their philanthropy to make a lasting impact. Our professional staff works alongside donors to help them reach their goals. They offer expert guidance on donor strategies and investments, as well as access to a network of like-minded donors and a vetted network of partners.

TPF has developed a portfolio of funds and donor-centric giving programs that can support the passions and financial needs of givers with diverse objectives and means. We have extensive experience with financial planning and vehicles such as IRA, real-estate donations, scholarships, awards, and endowments.

TPF adheres to the highest standards for charitable organizations and is governed by a board of diverse professionals and philanthropists. We are committed to being an accountable and transparent public charity. Therefore, all TPF policies are reviewed annually to ensure compliance and accuracy.


The vision of Turkish Philanthropy Funds is to build and serve a community of dedicated, passionate philanthropists and partners working to address social challenges and make a positive impact.


TPF’s mission is to inspire and mobilize innovative, high-impact philanthropy that benefits our communities in Turkey and in the US.


Over the last fourteen years, TPF has helped to expand the engagement of the Turkish community in philanthropy. Our efforts in the core areas of social and economic development, education, gender equality, and disaster relief have reached thousands of people – often changing lives in new and profound ways.


TPF’s six founding members had a vision for a foundation that could encourage philanthropy among those interested in supporting Turkey and addressing vital needs in local communities. TPF’s success is a direct result of these pioneers, who have stood behind the organization and have brought ideas, positive energy, and a beautiful intensity. Their leadership contributes daily and to our legacy. And, we are forever grateful for their service.

Haldun Tashman
Mustafa Kemal Abadan
Murat Agirnasli
Ozlenen Kalav
Erinch Ozada
Haluk Soykan


Meet our people behind the scenes. The TPF team is made up of investors, advisors, board members, Ambassadors, volunteers and staff that are all united under one roof to transform your generosity into a long-term impact.


Every year when we sit down to put together our annual report, we look back on all the incredible things supporters like you have helped us accomplish and feel proud. Launch our Impact Report and let us say thank you personally.