Corporate Gifts

Invest in TPF and create a win-win partnership that benefits your company, TPF, and all communities TPF serves.

Percentage Sale

Consider contributing a percentage of your sales to TPF or the causes we work on.

Matching Gifts

Honor your employees for their own acts of giving.

Gifts in Kind

Donate products or services.

Corporate Advised Funds

Partner to design a program uniquely tailored to your company’s objectives and culture.


TPF offers many ways to engage your most valuable asset — your employees — to your philanthropic mission and goals. We can work with you to create a personalized employee engagement solution and strategy to fit your company’s culture and values.

Start an Employee Giving Program

You can build a More Motivated Workforce by Giving Your Employees More Choice. TPF has innovative and flexible options for employee giving. Many companies are motivating employees by giving them a leading role in corporate philanthropic efforts. Putting choice in employees’ hands increases loyalty and drives higher morale, higher earnings, and better operating margins.

Highlight TPF at Your Company’s Annual Giving Campaign

Join TPF by volunteering to highlight TPF at your company’s annual giving drive! As a volunteer, you can be part of a group making a difference in the lives of people in our community.


Event Sponsorships

Support TPF underwrite educational events without incurring additional expense. Enhance your company’s philanthropic image and visibility in the community and support investments that help solve our community’s most pressing needs.

Media Support

Help TPF highlight its campaigns, events, and causes on traditional media and social media.