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100% of your donations to this fund will support TPF’s Türkiye Earthquake Relief Fund and recovery/rebuilding efforts.
Who Are We

We are building a community around philanthropy.

For 17 years, Turkish Philanthropy Funds (TPF) has served our community to channel the generosity of over 100,000 donors to disburse more than $40 million. As a community foundation, our intimate knowledge of community needs has fueled innovative solutions to pressing challenges. We’ve directly impacted over 3 million lives, offering strategic guidance to donors to maximize their philanthropic reach. TPF stands as a collaborative hub where donors, businesses, and nonprofits unite, pooling resources and expertise. Together, we’ve fostered resilient communities and built a lasting LEGACY of positive change that all of us are proud of.



High Impact

We Deliver High Impact Philanthropy

We invite and encourage new ideas, pioneering practices, and original methods. We provide a forum for people to connect and exchange ideas and explore perspectives that can change the conversation and achieve high-impact philanthropy for the community good. We channel donor funds to the most impactful institutions –  from a refugee human service organization in Istanbul, to the small but mighty education NGO in Samsun, and to the local community foundation in Nevada. Each donor’s individual contribution adds up to our collective impact.


We Promote a Culture of Collaboration

We believe that doing this work together will allow us to create a community that collaborates, honors each other’s voices, and uses innovative approaches to address the immediate needs in our communities. We know that we are more powerful when we work together. We mobilize our donors and partners to get involved in ways never possible before so that the impact of their philanthropy can reach well beyond to create sustained and lasting change for generations.



We Pride Ourselves on Traceable Accountability

Accountability has been our priority since day one. Our donor services and grantmaking are high-touch and highly tailored which enables donors’ to trace the full journey of their contributions. We are organized to provide donors with a wealth of expertise in handling the most complex types of transactions, all conducted according to sound business principles, and with the highest levels of transparency, privacy and integrity. We are committed to showing how every donation is used and hold our partner organizations on the ground to the same high standards.



We Power Charge Your Legacy

We work towards building a better future and a legacy of giving for our donors individually and for the Turkish-American community at large. Our donor community has access to tools to create and tell their own stories that demonstrate what matters most to them with their gifts. We couldn’t be more proud that we have created a highly impactful community of philanthropists who are  implementing their positive visions and hopes for society and community through TPF.



We are passionate about building a community around philanthropy.
Read stories and updates from partners on the ground, donors and supporters.