About Us

Turkish Philanthropy Funds is a tax-exempt organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and your gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law. Tax ID: 20-8392006.

mission and vision


TPF seeks to maximize the impact of giving, with a particular focus on Turkey. With the plethora of NGOs, knowing where to invest your charitable dollars is a challenge. TPF finds and funds the most effective programs, and partners with them to maximize results. Our aim is to take philanthropy beyond the “feel good” into significant and measurable impact. TPF does this by strengthening individual giving and by providing information, solutions and community. Trust is our guiding principle.


What is TPF?

Turkish Philanthropy Funds(TPF) is a community foundation dedicated to improving civil society in Turkey by serving the needs of donors so their generosity can make the greatest possible difference now, and long into the future.

TPF is a community where donors engage with causes and understand the impact their contributions make. The benefits of giving through TPF are many:

Thought Leadership: Our goal is to increase capacity of civil society in Turkey. To achieve that, our work is focused on educating individuals about the challenges in our communities – and empowering them to take action, in their own way.

Diversified Giving: We offer variety of ways to give. Cash, securities, closely held stock, restricted securities and real estate assets have been all used to establish funds and make important contributions to the work of TPF.

Personalized Philanthropy: At TPF we work with individuals to help them fulfill their philanthropic dreams. We have created Donor Advised Funds and Memorial Funds in which an individual can establish a set of philanthropic goals.

Trustworthy Partnerships: We provide a platform for NGOs in Turkey that meet high standards of performance.


In our globalized and interconnected world, more and more people are engaged in giving. TPF was formed with the unique purpose of helping individuals eager to give to Turkey. It is a community that is dedicated to leveraging philanthropy for Turkish causes.

History: Established in 2007, TPF is the only community foundation supporting high-impact projects in Turkey. TPF manages your philanthropy, making sure it has lasting impact.

Leadership: TPF’s Board of Directors represents diverse backgrounds, interests and professional expertise.

Financial Management: Your donations are important. TPF works to ensure that contributions are safeguarded and yield a competitive rate of return. TPF’s Investment Committee comprised of top financial and investment experts oversees endowed assets.

Integrity: TPF voluntarily adopts policies and procedures for business ethics and legal compliance. TPF abides by the Best Practices National Standards for US Community Foundations.

Professionalism: TPF staff is available to help you define your philanthropic goals, discuss and evaluate your giving options; and serve you and your family in the manner that suits you.

Connecting Power: Through its extensive network, TPF stays current with need in local communities, connects donors and organizations; and combines funds to increase impact.