Donor-advised funds are a tax-advantaged, convenient way to organize your personal philanthropy or corporate giving program.

If you wish to be actively involved in deciding what causes and organizations will receive your support, prefer donor-advised funds. They allow you to support the causes you care about, and teach future generations about the importance of giving back. They operate much like private foundations – except there is no mandated five percent distribution, and TPF handles all administrative details from record-keeping to accounting, investment, and grant-making activities. A donor-advised fund allows you to give your cash or marketable securities at a time that is advantageous for tax purposes, allowing you to decide what you would like to support at your convenience.

Quick Facts

  • Minimum initial gift: $5,000+
  • Fund balance to maintain: $5,000
  • Additional gifts: any size
  • Minimum grant: $250
  • Annual administration fee: 0.5 -3%
  • Time to set up fund: Less than one week


  • Quick and easy set-up with no start up fees
  • Highest level of tax benefits
  • Complex gifts accepted
  • Anonymity and multi-generational giving options
  • Access to staff expertise on community issues, needs, and programs
  • Unlimited grants to charities (Turkey and US)
  • Opportunities to co-invest with other fundholders on donor led initiatives


Please call us at 646.530.8988 to learn more and/or open a donor-advised fund.