Ibrahim AlHusseini

Founder & Managing Partner, FullCycle

Ibrahim is a venture capitalist and philanthropist dedicated to advancing social change globally.  He has spent much of his career as a sustainability-focused entrepreneur.  He has also spent much of his career helping angel investors find clean technology and natural resource-related investments.  Ibrahim was an early investor in Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), Infinera (NASDAQ: INFN), Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE), and Uber Technologies (NYSE: UBER) as well as Aspiration 

Inc., Devoted Health, WePower, Cadence Health, Thrive Market, and CleanChoice Energy.

Through this work, Ibrahim has developed an extensive network of industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs across the sustainability space.  Recognizing the urgent need for waste solutions, Ibrahim founded FullCycle Energy in 2013 to invest in early-stage technologies that can revolutionize our relationship with waste, while addressing the global need for low carbon energy.  In 2020, FullCycle Climate Partners was launched to provide expansion capital for accelerating the commercial deployment of the next gigaton-scale climate technologies.

Ibrahim is also the founder and managing partner of Husseini Group LLC, a firm dedicated to facilitating, financing, and guiding ventures that embrace social enhancement and ecological sustainability.  He also sits on the boards of The Rainforest Action Network, The Biomimicry Institute and The Global Partnership for Women and Girls.