Scholarship and/or Award funds are established by donors who want to support a student/scholar’s growth through educational opportunities or by recognition of success in a particular discipline. Donors may recommend an academic focus for their scholarship fund, eligibility criteria, and often work in committees to choose recipients. Our Scholarship Funds are highly customizable based on the goals of donors. Please contact TPF Director of Philanthropy Pinar Ozyurek for more information.

Current Scholarship and Awards

Sena Eken Schieber Economics Award

The Abadan Awards


We know you have questions! Below are answers to questions we hear often. Have more? Contact us!

I don’t quite meet all the criteria for a scholarship. Can I still apply?

Unfortunately not. If a scholarship lists specific criteria, we’re restricted to awarding only students that meet those criteria.

If I receive a scholarship, what does it cover?

Each of our scholarships covers different, specific things—some are tuition and fees only, but some are stipend support. What your scholarship covers should be listed in your award notification, but if you’re not sure, please ask us.

How does my scholarship get to my school?

We will mail a check directly to your school. Don’t worry—we know where to send it! We don’t expect you to find this information. Some scholarships are one payment per year (for the academic year) and some are two (one per semester.) Your award notification should tell you which payment plan your scholarship is—but if you’re not sure, please ask us.

My scholarship is for multiple years. How do I make sure that I continue receiving my scholarship?

We will need a report from your school to help us verify that you’re still enrolled and meeting the GPA minimum for your scholarship. Please make sure you keep us up to date on your email, so we don’t have any disruption on communication.


Please note: These tips are for scholarships managed internally by TPF.

What information do I need to have before I can start applying for a scholarship?

You should plan to have a copy of your transcript, a list of your extracurriculars and work experience, and an idea of what you want to communicate to the scholarship committee—career goals, how you’ve been involved in your community, what you want to pursue with your education.

What happens when I hit ‘submit’ on my application? When will I find out if I received the scholarship?

When you hit submit, a TPF staff member will review your application to be sure it’s complete, and you’re eligible for the scholarship. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted via email (so please make sure you check the email address you listed on your application!). Several weeks after the deadline (after all submitted applications have been reviewed), complete & eligible applications will be sent on to a committee for review. Committees typically spend a few weeks reviewing applications and then meet to make decisions. You may be invited for an interview. You will be notified as soon as decisions are made.

Does anyone actually read my application?

YES! Our staff reviews all applications; if your application is complete and you’re eligible for the scholarship, it’s also read by multiple committee members before a decision is made.

Do you have a sample application I can read?

Not—because we expect that applications will be different just like the students that submit them. We want to know about you! That will likely mean your essay, writing style, and other application pieces will be different from someone else.

What are some tips for writing the essay?

Make sure you read the prompt! If it asks about specific things (your career goals, the adversity you’ve overcome, community service, etc.) be sure you address those. Even if you have a great essay, if it doesn’t address the topic the committee may not see you as a great fit for the scholarship.

Proofread! Make sure your essay has correct spelling and grammar. Ask a friend, teacher, or mentor to read it over before you submit it.