Turkish Philanthropy Funds’ Giving Circles are opportunities for community members to join together to pool their dollars to make a greater impact in areas they are passionate about.

Giving circles have memberships, their own activities and events, and make grants as a group. As a result, their collective impact is far greater than anyone member could achieve alone, and their relationships with specific charities create a deeper level of involvement for donors and the nonprofits they support.

Community is at the center of our beliefs, Giving Circles enable us to harness our community’s resources collectively, build awareness of social needs, and inspire and foster the spirit of individual giving.

How does it Work?

  • Dream! 

It starts with you! Think about your dream community with whom you want to create an impact.

  • Expand your circle with friends and family

Find other dreamers around you and make them a part of this dream.

  • Define your common passion

Together, decide your philanthropic goal through which you want to create an impact.

TPF can help you with this, contact us!

  • Make your passion visible to others

Together with TPF, let’s create your campaign platform; decide your messages, and share them with like-minded people!

  • Raise Funds and Awareness

Spread the word about your Giving Circle and raise funds! TPF can help you with your communication efforts through social media, webinars, mailings, etc.

  • Your Circle Your Way

Grant your contributions to your partner NGO(s) and be a part of a positive change both in Turkey and in the US.

  • Be proud, and get ready to give AGAIN!

Celebrate the change you caused by distributing your impact report prepared by TPF; expand your Circle with people like you and get ready for a bigger impact!


  • A strategic way of philanthropy
  • Lead to deeper relations between donors and nonprofit partners
  • Strengthen the sense of community among its members 
  • Create wider awareness about the causes/needs
  • Inspire and cultivate individual giving

Come together as a group to realize your shared philanthropic passion!


Having been founded in 2019, the long-term mission of TEK  is to elevate Turkey’s achievements in the fields of science, technology, and arts so that Turkey reaches the goals envisioned by its founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. TEK Giving Circle believes the biggest catalyst for the changes will come from well-educated and empowered women of the country. In light of this vision, TEK aspires to continue supporting organizations that contribute to the education of young girls in Turkey. Providing an equal opportunity for girls to access education will be crucial to uplift women and girls, and have well-rounded and empowered future generations.

You can read the 2021 TEK Giving Circle’s Impact Report here.

You can read the 2022 TEK Giving Circle’s Impact Report here.

Visit TEK Giving Circle’s page here.

To be a member of this circle you can contact Onur Karayal- onurkarayal@gmail.com 

Many Turkish people who are working in technology companies in the Seattle area and sharing their passion for philanthropy came together and founded the Seattle Giving circle in 2018. The members of the circle defined their motto as “Make Giving a Habit” with the belief that every donation makes a difference and the impact can be enormous. Also, by using the advantage of technology companies’ matching gift programs Seattle Giving Circle raises funds to support educational projects in Turkey. 

For more information about the circle, you can contact Irem Gokce Aydin- Irem.Aydin@microsoft.com

Colorado Giving Circle has been founded in 2019 by passionate donors who aimed to support higher education in Turkey. With their first support, they provided scholarships to students at Istanbul Technical University.