Field-of-Interest funds are established to support unspecified programs or organizations in a general field of interest important to the donor. This fund serves as a permanent endowment, and TPF will carry out the purpose you choose, today and for generations to come. This is also a good fund option to support TPF’s Social Investment Funds, listed below, in perpetuity.

Gender Equality Fund

TPF’s gender equality fund focuses on addressing socially determined gender inequalities, which are deeply rooted in attitudes, institutions and market forces in our society. We support projects to close the gender gaps in education and economic opportunities, to end domestic violence and to enhance women’s voice – the ability to be heard and to make choices about their own lives.

Education Fund

TPF Education Fund targets both equity and equality in education with the projects it supports. We invest in strengthening the education system, support afterschool programs, provide scholarships as well as skill-training workshops and respond to contemporary challenges through education with gender equality an underlying principle.

Social and Economic Development Fund

TPF Social and Economic Development Fund supports strategic interventions to improve the quality of opportunities so that the economically disadvantaged in rural and urban areas have adequate resources to sustain themselves. Our projects address eradicating poverty, providing affordable and accessible healthcare to all and creating a prospering environment for Turkey’s youth.

Disaster Relief Fund

TPF Disaster Relief Fund pools funds to be able to direct, coordinate, manage, and fund eligible response and recovery efforts after major disasters and emergencies in Turkey.