Turkish Philanthropy Funds (TPF) is proud to announce that Ihtiyac Haritasi and Maya Vakfi are selected as the first two recipients of Elazig Earthquake Relief Fund!

With the Relief Fund, TPF sees its role as filling the gaps between emergency relief and long-term development programs that can revive Elazig both socially and economically, and give new opportunities to the survivors and the Elazig community, in general. Accordingly, TPF has decided to fund the following projects:

    • Providing Psychosocial Support for Children in Elazığ and Malatya by MAYA Vakfi: Maya Vakfi receives $10,000 from TPF to support children, who are traumatized by the earthquake in Elazig and Malatya through creative art therapy method, and to train the teachers and social service professionals in the vicinity to raise awareness about trauma.
    • Helping to Reestablish Livelihood Resources for People in the Affected Areas by ihtiyac Haritasi: Ihtiyac Haritasi receives $20,000 for its Recovery Fund Program from TPF to identify the impact of the earthquake on livelihood resources and economic activities in the region and to provide the necessary support for the reestablishment of income-generating activities.

Turkish Philanthropy Funds continues its search for new projects to support in different avenues. We will keep you updated as we make decisions.

Thank you for being our partners and taking immediate action to support those affected by this devastating earthquake in Elazig.