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KAMER Foundation

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KAMER Vakfı (KAMER Foundation)

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KAMER was established in Diyarbakır in 1997. Upon requests coming from neighboring provinces, it established Women’s Centers in all 23 provinces of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia in the next 10 years under the project “An Opportunity for Every Woman.” Currently, in addition to its work in these provinces, it is also working in various provinces in other regions of Turkey to empower women and women’s groups to start similar initiatives in their own provinces.

Its mission is to identify those cultural and traditional practices, which are shaped by sexist values and are harmful to women and children, to develop their alternatives, and to ensure their implementation.

Impact of the Organization

KA-MER responds both to women’s immediate and critical needs and increases awareness of women of their rights as citizens, wives, and mothers. KA-MER works within the local culture, addressing the specific needs of women and families, and empowering women to reject their second-class status and believe in themselves. The center provides women with such services as counseling, daycare, and employment opportunities to help them achieve financial independence and gain self-respect. While focusing on women, KA-MER also works with husbands and families to encourage broad acceptance of women as independent wage-earners and citizens capable of valuable contributions to society.

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Nebahat Akkoc

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+ 90 412 228 10 53

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+ 90 412 224 23 19

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Ali Emiri 3.
St. Es-Sal Apt. 1/1
Yenisehir, Diyarbakır

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