Onur Erzan is a Senior Partner of McKinsey & Company based in New York. He co-leads McKinsey’s Wealth and Asset Management practice in Americas. Since joining McKinsey in 2001, Onur has served a number of leading asset managers including hedge funds and private equity firms, wealth managers, retirement companies and investment banks globally. Onur’s advisory work covers a range of C-suite topics, including corporate strategy, M&A, post-merger management, investment functions, business support function (E.g., operations, finance) and operating model transformation, distribution and new product go-to-market strategy. He has additional experience in risk management and operational performance improvement.

Keenly interested in helping companies work from a strong fact base, Onur recently led an initiative for McKinsey to create a suite of technology-enabled analytics applications for asset and wealth managers. Known as Performance Lens, the tool mines proprietary benchmarking and forecast data to help make better decisions and drive improved performance. He continued to focus on rapid expansion in this area and he led the recent acquisition of Pricemetrix by McKinsey. Onur has published studies exploring the demand for and factors driving alternative asset growth, including hedge funds, funds of funds, private equity, real estate, commodities and infrastructure (“The Trillion Dollar Convergence: Capturing the next wave of growth in alternative investments”, “Mainstreaming of Alternatives”). Previously, he led similar research efforts across different segments of asset and wealth management, including retirement (“Winning in the Defined Contribution Market of 2015”), pension plans and ETFs (e.g.,”The Second Act Begins for ETFs”). He enjoys speaking at leading industry forums and have appeared on CNBC and been quoted in a variety of financial publications including Businessweek, The Economist, The Financial Times, Pensions & Investments and The Wall Street Journal.

He sits on the Board Directors of Graham Windham, a non-profit that has pioneered programs for New York City’s disadvantaged children, families and communities since 1806. Onur earned his MBA degree from Columbia Graduate School of Business with a concentration in Finance.