Join the Giving Fund today and make an impact every month.

With so many worthy projects to choose from, we know that picking just one to support can be difficult. As a TPF Monthly GivingFund member, you don’t have to choose! Each month we will direct your donation to a different high-impact project automatically. 

How It Works

  1. You set up a monthly donation to the Giving Fund in any amount.
  2. Every month we send your donation to a different high-impact project.
  3. You receive a monthly email about the impact made by that month’s project. 

Every month, TPF staff who have in-depth knowledge of our nonprofit partners on the ground will select a Project of the Month using the following criteria:

  • Actively demonstrates a high level of effectiveness and engagement on TPF
  • Provides regular high-quality, substantive, and informative project reports to donors
  • Has the capacity to absorb the funding generated through the grant