Turkish Philanthropy Funds’ Friends Society is an exclusive community open to committed, young philanthropists who want to be a part of TPF’s work to increase the philanthropic resources needed for our communities’ future and to make critical investments to influence broad systemic change.

At TPF, we believe that enhancing the lives of people and communities is not done alone. Solving complex social challenges is best done by listening, learning, sharing and engaging people in ways that lead to new solutions. We believe that doing this work together will allow us to create a community that collaborates, honors each other’s voices and uses innovative approaches to address the immediate needs in our communities.

This kind of work calls for a commitment not just today – but every day. It requires standing with organizations doing the work on the ground and listening to voices unheard. It requires vision. It requires all of us.
We invite you to get involved with our work with a minimum annual contribution of $2,000 and support us to build the community we all dream about.