Support Girls Education in Turkey

Financial Goal $50,000
$7,215 raised
The Problem Addressed by the Project

There is a desperate need for the advancement of education of females in Turkey. According to the statistics provided by Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), during 2009-2010, the illiteracy rate for females was 13.4% where as it was 6.5 % for males. In spite of the compulsory education being 8 years, the average schooling rate for females is 4.96 years.Turkey is one of the 20 countries that will not be able reach gender equality in education until 2020 (UN Report). 1 out of 3 marriages in Turkey is underage. Female secondary school education schooling rate is 66% in Turkey, in some regions this ratio is 23%.

Timeline: 01/01/2014 - 11/30/2015

The Goal of the Project

CYDD aims to address these issues through various projects to support girls education in Turkey such as KARDELENLER and BABA BENI OKULA GONDER. The purpose of these projects is to increase schooling of girls in Turkey through scholarships by reducing the financial burden of education on families. Families have a tendency to have girls stay at home and help with the household chores and then marry them off before they even finish elementary school. To break this cycle, CYDD encourages girls to go to high school by supporting them with scholarships. They also facilitate the continuation of their education by constructing girls dormitories all around Turkey.

The Impact of the Project

By empowering girls through education, CYDD not only has been creating a movement of sustainable change but also have supported stronger, more independent community of Turkish women to evolve. CYDD has created awareness about girls' education throughout Turkey, which became one of the national goals of the Ministry of Education. The girls' education has also been an area that the European Union decided to support in Turkey. CYDD's impact on the lives of thousands of girls is evident in the number of scholarships they have given: more than 60,140 high school scholarships for a better future. For the 2013-2014 school year 12,262 girls receive scholarships from ÇYDD.

The cost to educate one girl for a year is $375 (all fees included).

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    Umut Gokcesu $200.00 January 17, 2013
    Ziya Boyacigiller $1200.00 February 01, 2013
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    selva alganer $400.00 July 25, 2013
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    Serpil Metin $50.00 May 27, 2014
    Umut Gokcesu $375.00 June 09, 2014
    Umit Kaya $250.00 June 11, 2014
    Thank You Donors!
    Donor Donation Date
    Semiha Kamar$500November 22, 2014
    Semiha Kamar $500February 24, 2014
    Ibrahim Eden$235October 15, 2013
    Ibrahim Eden$235February 24, 2014
    Ventura County American Turkish Association$250March 3, 2014
    Arkadas Donor Advised Fund with TPF$500May 16, 2014
    Erkin Ozay$50June 12, 2014
    Yasemin Uyar$20June 12, 2014
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