Environmentally Friendly Earthworms

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Timeline: 01/01/2013 - 07/01/2013

The Goal of the Project

The “Environmental Friendly Earthworms” project implemented in the Gediz Basin, aims to ensure the wider use of vermicompost, an organic type of fertilizer, in order to create an innovative and effective solution to the agricultural pollution of water and soil due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers. Vermicompost also, decreases the water use for irrigation 40 – 60% by increasing the organic content and the water-retention capacity of the soil.

The Impact of the Project

A production facility in the Menemen Research, Demostration, and Implementation Farm was establish with a pilot field. The practice has dessiminated to 1000 farmers and the use will be observe for testing purposes; and 4 more fertilizer production facilities were established in Gülbahçe, Gölmarmara, Salihli and Turgutlu.

Updates from the Field

  • With the support of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of the Aegean University Menemen Research and Production, a vermicompost production area was established.  The production area started with 50,000 worms and  currently it has 1.5 million, and produces between 50 and 100 tons of vermicompost. This amount of vermicompost can be used to fertilizing an area between 500 and 1000 hectares of land.
  •  The vermicompost used in the soil increase the soil organic nutrients and water holding capacity by 40-60% in the pilot area.
  •  Apart from the original production area in the University of the Aegean University Menemen, four more pool were established in key locations through out the Aegean region.
  •  Vermicompost practice was introduced to 12 Chambers of Agriculture in the Aegean Region and six farmers introduced it into their farms permanently.
  •  The project reached over 1000 farmers in the region.

<strong>Highlights from the Environmental Friendly Earthworms of Gediz: </strong> <ul> <li>Earthworm fertilizer, eliminates chemical pollution of soil and spring, increases organic material substance within the soil and increases the soils water retention capacity 40-60%.</li> <li>The earthworm fertilizer production pond, built at the Menemen Research and Production Farm with the support of the Aegean University Agriculture Faculty, which started out with  50.000 earthworms, now has 1,5 million earthworms. 1.5 million Earthworms produce between 50-100 tons of fertilizer a year. This can be used to fertilize an area between 500-1000 decare.</li> <li>Apart from the one in the Menemen Research and Production Farm, pilot fertilizer production facilities are set up in 4 different places in the Gediz Basin.</li> <li>In 2012, introductory meetings were held at 12 chambers of agriculture which are subdivisions of the Manisa Chamber of Commerce, implementation fields were set up on lands belonging to 6 farmers and stands were set up at fairs.</li> <li>In 2011, villages in Menemen with high agricultural production were visited and 200 farmers were informed about the proceedings. In 2012, operations spread to the Gediz Basin and 1000 farmers were informed.</li> </ul>

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