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In memory of the late Attila Karaosmanoğlu, who was loved deeply and impacted so many, this page has been set up to raise funds for Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği, an organization Mr. Karaosmanoğlu was passionate about.

Attila Karaosmanoğlu was an outstanding economist and academic. He was a devoted husband, father and friend. He played a very critical role in the social and economic development of Turkey.

Attila was born in Manisa, Turkey in 1932. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University in 1954. He earned a doctorate at the Faculty of Economics at İstanbul University. He later served as lecturer at New York University and Harvard University. After returning to Turkey, Karaosmanoğlu served as a manager of the State Planning Organization of Turkey. He also served as a senior advisor to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

In 1966 he joined the World Bank, and was eventually appointed Chief Economist for Europe, Middle East and North Africa (EMENA) Region. He served as Director of the Development Policy Staff, and then Director of the EMENA Programs Department. He was then appointed Vice President East Asia and Pacific Region, and later Vice President of the Asia Region. He became Managing Director in 1991. He retired in 1994. In 1971 he served as Turkey's deputy prime minister in Nihat Erim's cabinet.

Karaosmanoğlu passed away on 10 November 2013.

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    Ceil Madden $100.00 November 18, 2013
    nevzer stacey $300.00 November 19, 2013
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    George C Zaidan $100.00 December 03, 2013
    Mark Colaco $400.00 December 05, 2013
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    Robert and Joanne Garrity $100.00 December 08, 2013
    Esther Happle $50.00 July 14, 2014
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