Change the Lives of Syrian Refugees

_37c5464There are over 3 million Syrian refugees living in Turkey with limited resources. Many of them are struggling with language, culture and financial barriers. Your support will help them integrate their new life in Turkey.

Currently our Syrian Refugee Relief Program supports 4 organizations (Support To Life, Yuva Association, Small Projects Istanbul, Young Disabled Youth and Sports Club Association) that are thoroughly vetted by TPF and are on the ground providing the much needed support. We make sure that your donation is put to good use and reaches the real people. TPF provides regular updates so you’ll know exactly how your donation is making an impact. Click to discover participating projects. 


Rally for #GenderEquality


In appreciation of our partners, on December 19, 2016, we are having a 24 hour Rally Day for “Gender Equality”. On this day, we will match 30% of all donations made to participating projects while our funds last.

There will also be $1,000 Bonus Prize that will be awarded to the projects with the highest number of donors and the most funds raised on Rally Day.

Donations made prior to or after December 19th will not be matched! Rally Day will start 12am EST and end 11:59pm EST. Discover participating projects here.

Triple Your Impact


Thank you for an incredible 2016!

We’re talking about 8760 hours, 365 days, 54 weeks, 12 months full of gifting education, empowering women, creating equal opportunities, providing relief to disaster struck communities and brightening the lives of hundreds of thousands. This is all you. You gave us a million reasons to be grateful for this past year.

Would you like to make this year more remarkable than it already is?

Here is an opportunity to triple the impact of your gift.

All donations made to TPF Annual Fund up to $100,000 before 12/31 will be matched 2:1.

We are close to 60 percent of our goal. Please help us reach 100 percent.

With gratitude,

Team TPF



Explore, Share and Innovate.

13407212_1098383460220397_4278104989729815653_nAlexander Graham Bell, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Steve Jobs, Martine Rothblatt, Jeff Bezos… Just a few amazing people who contributed immensely to our world with their innovations. Regardless of their sector, they’ve all played a crucial part in making our world better, easier and accessible. And they’ve all been through the same struggles such as technical problems, limited financial means and self-assurance. But no matter how many times they failed, they never gave up and changed our society with their creations. One of our partners, Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV), invests in brilliant and creative young people so they can connect their creativity with the world, and maybe make a positive contribution to change our world.

Established in 1991, TTGV embraced three simple yet impactful actions to motivate youth to find opportunities in problems to lead innovation in Turkey: explore, share and take action. To implement each of these notions, TTGV created inspiring programs in which they provide support to potential entrepreneurs/innovators every step of the way. First thing is first. They first have young entrepreneurs explore new concepts, projects, activities and success stories on technology and innovation through their online platform, Ideaport. Ideaport introduces young minds to creative individuals, entrepreneurs and experts from various fields. Now that they’re connected online with innovative leaders, it’s time to introduce them in person. This time the destination is Kivilcim, a reactive hub for industrial creativity in Ankara where young people are encouraged to share ideas, and co-create. Besides workshops and events on various subjects in the field of technological innovation, Kıvılcım gives support so they can learn the meaning of supply and demand, and read balance sheets and cash flow statements, while exploring market research and social responsibility. Now, young entrepreneurs with an idea are ready to turn it into a product, platform or an app. They created business plans. They’re motivated. It’s time to take action. That’s when Ideanest comes into picture. Ideanest is a website, that strengthens technical capacity, provides a platform to present the projects and start crowdfunding.

With three cohesive programs and the organizational motto “innovate to support innovation” TTGV gives innovators a chance to share what’s inside them with others so that they can contribute to Turkey’s technological and economic development. TTGV continuously designs, develops and operates high-impact models to address identified gaps between resources, capabilities and markets. As TTGV celebrates its 25th anniversary, they look forward to seeing the impact their programs will have on the development of human kind. Take a look at TTGV’s page to support their programs. Your contributions will enable younger generations to shape our future.

First Stop, Ankara.

I met with the founder of Ilkyar Foundation, Professor Huseyin Vural at their office on the Middle East Technical University campus. It was a cozy space, filled with volunteer students helping with various tasks required to get the job done – providing support to children living in rural areas. One of the tasks involved writing letters to children from schools whom Professor Vural had previously visited. In one of the rooms, there was a huge desk with hundreds of letters piled on top of each other. “We should respond these letters kids write to us. We need to let them know that we are here and that they aren’t alone.” said, Dr. Vural to one of the volunteers.

The key word for ILKYAR was “care.” The minute you walk into their office that feeling surrounds you – the generous act of caring for children and working to make a difference in the lives of thousands of village children. And, they have been successful as evident by the letters they receive.

Children living in rural areas , especially girls, have fewer opportunities for education in Turkey. 16 percent of children between the ages of 6-13 are out of school and 11 percent of those are girls. Access to quality education is a major concern in rural schools. They lack qualified teachers and school supplies. There is not a school in every village so children travel to other villages for schooling. 63 percent of people living in poverty reside in rural areas. All these add to children’s chances of dropping out. Poverty also stands in the way of schooling as parents lack the financial resources to send their kids to school. When there are financial concerns, having children help on the field takes over education. Girls are more likely to be kept at home since they can help with childcare, house chores and farming. These are the villages that Ilkyar Foundation knows too well. They work tirelessly to address all these challenges that are not always very evident to people in urban areas in Turkey.

Dr. Vural and his team don’t just send letters to kids in the villages. Since their inception in 1978, they donated more than 400,000 books to schools and more than 200,000 directly to students. Besides books, blackboards, encyclopedias, computers, telescopes, projectors, microscopes, TVs were donated to schools in villages. On the weekends, they pay visits to village schools to have reading sessions, scientific experiments and music classes. Apart from donations, competitions around literature and history have been established along with special programs such as Science Summer Camp and April 23 Children Festivities where children from villages travel to Ankara. Ilkyar Foundation’s eagerness to travel anywhere in Turkey – near or far inspires any philanthropist.

As I sat in their office listening to the logistics of these special programs, I see how determined they are to visit another village and touch many lives, one child at a time. I left their office with a heart filled with joy, compassion and a drive to do my best at what we do, which is connecting our donors with organizations like these.

Ilkyar Foundation now looks ahead and has launched a new project to provide scholarship to female students in rural areas. They have already helped send 150 female students to college and continue to support them with scholarships. You can support this project on December 19th, 2016 where TPF will match every donation that they receive at 30 percent. In the words of Dr. Vural, “Wouldn’t you like to do something for someone, especially for a stranger who is a village schoolgirl in pursuit of her right of education, by smoking fewer cigarettes, drinking fewer cups of coffee or tea, or postponing purchasing the favorite pair of jeans that you are planning to buy?” Next Stop Istanbul!