Ambassador Üner Kırdar, TPF’s new Goodwill Ambassador


Dear Friends and Supporters of TPF,

I am reaching out on behalf of Turkish Philanthropy Funds, to ask you to join me in celebrating TPF’s 8th birthday. I recently joined the team as a Goodwill Ambassador to advocate for TPF’s projects supporting human development, in hopes that you’ll, in turn, join me.
              First, let me describe human development in my own words. It is the process which enables people to reach their highest possible potential for the betterment of themselves as well as the development of the society in which they live. Without the support of their family, society and government, this process cannot occur.
              Years of research has proven that money alone will not allow for a country to grow. Rather, the number one obstacle for a nation’s development was the insufficient attention given to the people themselves, human development. Unfortunately, this is the case for Turkey. We’ve spent enormous efforts on financial investment and have become world’s 17th largest economy. However, in terms of human development, we fare much worse as 86th in the world.
              Therefore, I must emphasize that people should always be at the center of development. Without adequate human development, economic growth, social progress and advancement in knowledge, our world will never find a balanced harmony.
           In Turkey, TPF has always put people first. They are the leading foundation connecting global resources necessary to undertake and realize such urgent important tasks and reforms. TPF supports education for children with Autism, art therapy for disaster survivors, treatment for leukemia patients, green farming and much more. Please join me in supporting TPF in its efforts to strengthen social and economic development.

Turkish Philanthropy Funds is at the heart of it all, so let’s celebrate its birthday by supporting its mission. I stand with TPF for social and economic development. Will you join me?

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Üner Kırdar

Dr. Üner Kirdar, is a retired Turkish diplomat and UN’s senior civil servant. He is the author, editor and/or contributor of more than sixteen books on global issues and human development. He has been called “…one of the early and main conceptual leaders of  Human Development theory.” Since mid-1980 he has advocated and worked for the concept’s world-wide adoption, as well as how international co-operation can help better human condition.

Ali Nasuh Mahruki joins TPF as Goodwill Ambassador!

Dear Friends and Supporters of Turkish Philanthropy Funds,

As the Goodwill Ambassador for TPF’s disaster relief cause, I would like to join Mithat Bereket, Jülide Ateş and Dr. Üner Kirdar in celebrating TPF’s 8th birthday during this month of February.In 1994, I set out with some of my fellow mountaineers on the journey of our lifetime, the establishment of AKUT (Arama Kurtarma Derneği). The stakes were high, because when it comes to saving someone’s life, there is no room for mistakes. However, through all the struggles and risks we faced, there were two things that kept us moving forward, the beauty of volunteering and philanthropy, two core values that represent TPF as well. When we imagined all of the obstacles and hardships, nothing could compare to the feeling when you save someone’s life. We tackled the challenges head on and formed the leading search and rescue organization in Turkey which has saved over 2,000 lives to date in Turkey and abroad.

We are a dedicated, passionate group of volunteers, working solely for one purpose: to save lives. AKUT is proud to be one of TPF’s 43 partner organizations. Funds raised for disaster relief through TPF benefit organizations like us as well as other trusted, vetted organizations.

TPF works tirelessly when it comes to disaster relief. Starting in Van during the 2011 earthquake, TPF was able to raise over $400,000 for the city of Van and it’s citizens. From this campaign, TPF granted AKUT $40,000 worth of search and rescue equipment. Additionally, this past year during the Soma mining disaster, TPF immediately joined arms to create a fund for the people of Soma, gathering over $140,000 for city’s rebuilding phase. TPF’s disaster campaigns grant 100% of all donations to the cause. 

As a mountaineer, I’ve climbed the highest mountains. I’ve trekked some of the most intense trails. But none of my climbs will ever be more difficult than being stuck under the rubble during a disaster, waiting to be rescued. We all must lend a hand to those in need.

Turkish Philanthropy Funds is at the heart of it all, so let’s celebrate its birthday by supporting its mission. I stand with TPF for disaster relief. Will you join me?

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Ali Nasuh Mahruki
Chairman of the Board of AKUT

Mithat Bereket named as TPF’s Goodwill Ambassador on Education

Dear Friends and Supporters of TPF,

As one of Turkish Philanthropy Funds’ Goodwill Ambassadors I am proud to celebrate TPF’s 8thbirthday with you all in the month of February!

TPF enables me to effectively advocate for a cause very dear to my heart: Education for all, ranging from those that reside in Turkey’s remote rural areas to its largest cities. While we would all agree that each and every individual deserves an education, my travels to the far corners of Turkey have shown me there is still much work to be done. Turkey needs to educate each and every one of its citizens to lead in today’s global economy.

TPF is the leading foundation connecting global resources to empower the underprivileged in Turkey. It has direct access to 43 trusted partner organizations, all of which continue to make real impact in their fields. TPF has granted $ 13 million for social investment in Turkey, 80% of which was specifically designed towards supporting education. This strong track record to date and passion for excellence are the driving forces behind my decision to proudly stand with TPF in support of education improvement in Turkey.

Through my experience as a Senior War Correspondent and TV reporter, I learned an important lesson; the only asset I have as a reporter is my credibility. Anyone can get great footage or land a good story, but no one will watch your news if they don’t believe in you. That’s where education plays a huge role. Without my education and experience, I would not have been able to become who I am today.

TPF is at the heart of it all, so let’s celebrate its birthday by supporting its mission. I stand with TPF for education. Will you join me?

Make a tax-deductible donation today.

Mithat Bereket

Jülide Ateş named TPF’s Goodwill Ambassador on Gender Equality

Dear Friends and Supporters of Turkish Philanthropy Funds, 

In honor of TPF’s 8th birthday, which we are celebrating the entire month of February, I am reaching out to share my story as to why I chose to become a TPF Goodwill Ambassador and why I stand for gender equality.
I have been a news anchor for 23 years. Of all the topics I’ve reported on, there has always been one very close to my heart. The ways I’ve seen women in Turkey so unjustly struggle must come to an end.
From the time a girl is born into this patriarchal society, bias begins. Even in the hospital room, an eerie silence passes over the family upon hearing the child born is a girl rather than an anticipated boy.
This bias is henceforth ingrained into that little girl’s mind. In school, in sports, and at home, she is constantly reminded that being ‘like a girl’ equates to not being good enough or always wrong.
She moves from her father’s home to her husband’s home, always belonging to someone else. She is forever at risk of experiencing physical or emotional violence. But through all of this hardship and hurt, these amazing, fearless women carry on. I’ve reported stories like this every single day over my career, cases of violence or abandoned girls. But it’s about time this came to an end. It’s time to bring women back into society. Let’s get them out of their homes and into the workforce. It’s a fact that an educated woman with economic freedom is less likely to be a victim of violence. This change must start with the entire culture’s mindset. We must stop thinking of women only as mothers just as men are not only fathers. As a girl growing up, I was never exposed to this harsh reality that thousands of women in Turkey face every day. I thought I could do anything and be anyone! But I know that’s not how a majority of girls in Turkey view life. That’s why I am setting forth with an organization I can trust to make a difference in the lives of girls and women throughout the country. I want every little girl to have immense confidence and every woman to listen to the excited child inside her and reach for the stars! Turkish Philanthropy Funds is at the heart of it all, so let’s celebrate its birthday by supporting its mission. I stand with TPF for gender equality. Will you join me? Make a tax-deductible donation today. Jülide Ateş

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