Partners Manual

Tools on Fundraising through TPF

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Welcome to the TPF family! You have completed the eligibility application process and now have your very own page on TPF’s website The link should look something like this:

Now it’s your turn to fundraise and promote this link to your followers and supporters. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

Get their attention. Driving traffic to your page is important. Use the various sharing buttons on your webpage and social network in order to promote your project(s) on your home page, blog or social network. One click takes donors directly to your project page so they can donate immediately.

Widget: The TPF widget on your project page can be hyperlinked to your project page – allowing your users to read about your project and donate!

QR Code: Share your page’s QR Code on your website or printed material! Please email us at for the code !

Mobilize your audience through Social Media. Spread the word about your work on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube

On Facebook, add posts promoting your page at TPF constantly.

On Twitter, use hashtags that pertain to your cause like: #education #development or #genderequality & tweet asking for support. Always use @tphilanthropy in your tweets so we can retweet! Here is a sample Tweet:

Want to support us, but live in the US? Give through @tphilanthropy! [insert link to your page]

Stay in touch. Information builds connection and trust. Staying in touch with your donors and constituents helps achieve this. Great ways to stay in touch is through emails, newsletters and press releases. TPF recommends sending an announcement to existing donors, informing them about your TPF partnership. Some of your existing donors might be living in the US or have relatives, friends living in the US. Because TPF allows for tax-exempt donations, donors living in the US are more attracted to donating through TPF rather than giving directly to your organization. Be sure to include direct links on your page. These links allow individuals to initiate donations.

Include information of your partnership with TPF also on printed materials such as: newsletters, press releases and flyers.

Communicate with TPF. Provide TPF with your social media links. We will follow you and retweet/share photos and posts. As long as you’re producing multimedia, we will use it! You can even tweet to us so we don’t miss a thing. Here is a sample tweet:

@tphilanthropy Check out our new blog post : [insert link here]


How to Post a Project

An organization can have a minimum of one project and a maximum of three projects on TPF page.

Project Title

Your title is the first thing donors see and will determine whether they will keep reading about your project or move on to the next one. Make the project title clear, short, and descriptive. Convey what your project is doing in one phase that answers the following questions:

  • Who is your project helping?
  • How are you benefiting them?
  • How many people is your project helping?
  • Where is the project located?


  • Your title should be about 5-10 words (50 characters, including spaces)
  • Do not use acronyms – they are hard to understand
  • Be concise and descriptive, not vague
  • Use common, simple words that people are searching for online

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Use this section to give a more detailed explanation of the community needs that the project will address and exactly who will benefit from the project’s activities. This section should answer the following questions:

  • What challenges are you addressing?, e.g. inequality, environment, illiteracy
  • Where are you addressing the problem?
  • How does this problem impact the community?


  • Must be 500 characters or less
  • Use a statistic
  • Use simple terms to help people understand the problem

What is the Goal of the Project?

In this section, explain the activities the project will undertake in order to reach the expected outcomes or goals.


  • Activities section must be 250 characters or less
  • Write clearly and simply so donors can understand your activities.
  • Tie your activities to your outcomes – e.g. “If we provide scholarships to girl, we’ll increase their likelihood of continuing their education.”


What is the Impact of your project?

The project summary, along with the project title, is the first thing donors see and often serves as the basis of a decision to donate or not. This will appear on top of your project page as well as in search results. Your summary should answer the following questions:

  • Who are you helping?
  • What are you doing?
  • How are you doing it?
  • Where you are doing it?


  • Make sure your summary is 200 characters or less
  • Be concise and descriptive
  • Avoid the use of acronyms or non-profit jargon


Requested Funding Amount

This is the total amount that you hope to raise for this project. Be reasonable with your request and really assess how much funds your project will actually require. Donors often feel encouraged by smaller funding goals because they feel that their donations have a larger impact. You are always able to increase your funding goal or to post additional projects once your funding goal is met.


  • We recommend that you post a funding goal of $50,000 or less.
  • The amount must be in whole US dollars.

Donation Options

Donation options are very important to donors. They describe what a specific donation amount will provide. The KEY here is to show the impact! Help donors understand how their contributions will help. Be sure that donation options tie into your project’s stated activities. For example: “$120 will provide a student books for a full-school year. ”


  • Minimum: 3; Maximum: 8
  • Include donation options of all levels so everyone feels they can contribute: $25, $50, $100, etc.
  • Donation options must be at least $10
  • Projects without one donation option of less than $100 will not be approved
  • Be concise and specific

Primary Photo and Photo/Video Gallery

Your project photos/videos are one of the most important components of your project page. Photos/Videos grab the attention of potential donors and help them understand your organization, beneficiaries and the community that you serve.

Primary Photo Tips:

  • One primary project photo is required
  • Use high-resolution photos of at least 1,024 x 768 pixels – the bigger, the better!
  • Photos must be in .jpeg, .jpg, or .gif format
  • The primary photo should be horizontally oriented
  • Use close-up photos of one or two people
  • Use photos that are vibrant and expressive

Photo/Video Gallery Tips:

  • You may include up to 10 photos and 5 videos in the photo/video gallery
  • Use photos of individuals

How to improve your Project’s Visibility

Donors will not spend more than about 30 seconds on your page, so you need to grab their attention quickly. Consider including the following:

  • High Resolution Photos and Videos. Close up photos of faces are the most effective.
  • Simple, Concise Phrases that bring a Call to Action like  “Help us buy an ambulance!” or “Send 100 girls to school.”
  • Update your Project Page regularly with Project Reports. TPF asks you provide two project reports during your project, the Interim Report and the Final Report. Use reports as a tool to keep donors engaged and interested in supporting your work. Don’t wait until the reports are due! Besides formal reports, you can give frequent updates from the field as soon as you receive a new photo or video or a success.
  • Be an active fundraiser and encourage your supporters and donors to donate to your project.

Eligibility Renewal

Let’s keep in touch!

As part of our compliance policies we are required by law to retain up-to-date information on all partner organizations. Therefore, each year, we ask organizations to fill out a renewal form for eligibility. This benefits you, your donor and us. The donor wants to see how your organization is performing and how your money is being put to use. With this information we can share success stories through our website, Facebook page, our blog and other sources.

Your organization will receive an email from TPF with instructions on the due diligence renewal process approximately one year after your organization initially submitted eligibility. You will be asked to submit the following documents using an online form:

If you have any questions, contact us at

Explaining TPF fees

Turkish Philanthropy Funds does not charge organizations a fee to post projects on its site, nor does it charge you for the screening of your organization. Instead, 5% of each donation to a TPF Grantee is used to cover TPF’s costs, provide free trainings, and continue to reach out to new donors on your behalf. This fee makes it possible for us to provide countless benefits to you. They include:

  • Processing applications to ensure that all projects on the site are from genuine, high quality organizations;
  • Maintaining TPF’s online fundraising platform;
  • Marketing and social media outreach; and
  • Providing customer support.

Training and Support –Turkish Philanthropy Funds will get your project page up and going in no time. Choose from one of the following options to learn more about promoting your page:

Training Video – Sit back and learn best practices from previous organizations on how to best utilize TPF’s website. Our training videos will give you step-by-step instructions on posting a project, updating your project, uploading reports and fundraising!

One-on-one Consultation – Looking for help with your online fundraising? Set up a call with one of TPF’s team members. We’re eager to answer your questions and offer any support that you need. Contact us directly via phone, Skype or e-mail.

Site visits – We believe that there’s something about face-to-face meetings that can’t be beat by Skype calls or emails. That’s why each year our staff travels to Turkey to meet with partner organizations. The purpose of these visits is to verify that funds are being used appropriately and to strengthen our relationships with our partners. We like to take advantage of these opportunities to learn more about our partners and their needs, to answer any questions about TPF.

Customer Service – We are here to help! Give us a call at our office at 646-530-8988 or send us an email at