With the aim of establishing a communication between donors in the US and NGOs in Turkey, TPF partners withorganizations in Turkey that have been reviewed by two sets of criteria: legal and fiscal eligibility (defined by US Laws), and organizational effectiveness.

How you can enroll in the eligibility program

TPF Partners Program is open to organizations based and operating in Turkey without political or religious affiliations. TPF picks and funds the most effective programs in order to maximize impact.

An interested organizations are invited for an initial discovery interview.  An initial Discovery Interview can be requested with a TPF staff member at  This interview will determine whether or not the organization is eligible to be considered as a TPF partner.  Upon determination, an organization will receive an Eligibility Application Form and guidelines by e-mail.

An organization that passes eligibility process becomes a TPF Partner and is eligible to apply for grants.


TPF funds non-profits and non-governmental organizations based in Turkey working on projects that show potential to impact and create long-lasting change in one of these four areas:

They are projects that have capacity, clear objectives and measureable outcomes – and are not put together for the sake of fundraising for short-term solutions. Priority is given to community-driven projects that are not supported or subsidized by the government.

TPF looks for projects that are:

  • Scalable, to reach a maximum number of people
  • Replicable, to allow other organizations to adopt and deploy
  • Impactful, to make a measured difference
  • Inclusive, to allow community engagement
  • Collaborative, to enable partnerships
  • Transparent, to instill confidence and trust
  • Sustainable, to continue without grant support