How We Fund

To be considered for a grant, organizations in Turkey first have to apply for eligibility at TPF. TPF carefully screens partner organizations, to ensure that each organization has the necessary resources and capacity to carry out projects supported by governing documents, financial figures and other documents. Organizations must be organized and operated exclusively for charitable or other exempt purposes to qualify for eligibility at TPF.

Here’s how it works:
  • Organizations in Turkey submit an eligibility application.
  • Applications are evaluated to ensure that eligibility requirements are met.
  • Accepted applications can receive grants in two ways:
    • Seeking direct donations on the TPF website
    • Completing a “Grant Proposal” form upon request to receive funding from TPF’s pooled funds.
  • TPF finalizes the process by signing a grant agreement with the organization and working with the organization to create a project plan that includes regular reporting.

To apply for eligibility, please click here.  Eligibility Application Form guidelines in Turkish can be requested  by emailing

Reporting Documents