Giving Circles

Turkish Philanthropy Funds’ Giving Circles is a community of philanthropists who are dedicated to raise awareness of TPF’s mission and impact areas. TPF Giving Circle members will help us harness our community’s resources, build awareness of social needs in Turkey and inspire and foster the spirit of individual giving.

You can either start your circle or join one of TPF’s existing circles. All you need is to be passionate about TPF’s mission. Please contact us if you’d like to become a part of our family at We will schedule a one-on-one meeting to help you get started.

How Circles Work

It Starts With You. You take the initiative and we give you the support you need.

Your Circle. Your Cause. There are many options to support. You can pick a cause among our four impact areas: Gender Equality, Education, Social and Economic Development, Disaster Relief, specify an organization; create your own project; or choose TPF Annual Fund.

Power of Many. Circles are impactful when members bring their professional expertise and personal experience to the decision-making process. Invite others who are also passionate about the cause to join you. We recommend eight to twelve members to diversify the experiences and knowledge of the group. With your fellow members, name your circle. The benefit is you’ll get a chance to gain friends for life.

Mobilizing is Key. Circles not only raise funds but also awareness and leverage the work TPF does. We provide the platform for donations and grantmaking, and materials for promotion so that you have every-thing to run a successful circle.

Grant Away. The most fun and most important part of giving circles is deciding on how to grant the funds. TPF provides all the support for an educated decision.

Impacting Lives. TPF makes the grant and follows through to make sure grant money is spent in the right place. At this level, you and your circle members just celebrate the impact you have made in our communities.

If you’ve loved what you have done, Repeat.



Northwest Giving Circle flat,800x800,075,f.u3

Turks in Seattle came together and established
“Northwest Giving Circle” led by employees
from technology giants such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon.
The funds raised will support educational projects.


 Balki’s Bal Project

Balki’s Bal Project is designed to support a beekeeping project in the outskirts of the city of Van in Turkey, one of the lowest GDP per capita in the country, that teaches underprivileged girls how to raise bees for honey and generate income through the sale of their products.




We are all NeighborsLogo 3 (1)

We are all Neighbors is a project created to raise funds to build a disaster relief center for Syrian refugees living in the ancient city of Urfa, Turkey and provide them with job training, therapy, shelter and more.