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You can start your philanthropic journey today. Just pick one of the options that fit your unique vision and individual values. TPF offers a range of fund types with varying restriction on disbursement. Your options range from supporting a specific area such as gender equality, to establishing a fund to recommend grants yourself to opening a scholarship fund.

Join TPF Family.

Join TPF’s The Founders Society: TPF’s exclusive The Founders Society recognizes donor’s philanthropic contributions to TPF and honors them. Your name and story become a part of our permanent archives, and are retold for generations to come.

Join TPF’s The Friends Society: TPF’s Friends Society gives committed young philanthropists a platform to support social change in Turkey.

Literally, Give Now.

Find a TPF project that gets you excited and donate directly.

Open a Philanthropic Fund.

Through a Fund at TPF, you can socially invest tax-free, accumulate interest, and grant the capital and/or the investment over time by supporting projects either in Turkey or in the United States.

Scholarship Funds: Improve the lives of students with a permanent source of higher education funding.

Memorial Funds: You may establish any of the above funds to honor the memory of a loved one.

Donor Advised Funds: Recommend annual rants for causes you are most about without expenses and administrative burdens of running a private foundation.

Field of Interest Fund: Ensure permanent support for a special area of your interest while allowing flexibility for the future.

Designated Fund: Provide a permanent source of income to meet the future needs of your designated charities.

Agency Fund: Offer a reliable source of financial support for the organization, earning interest through pooled investments.

Start Your Fundraiser.

Support a cause or a project that moves you by creating your page on TPF’s website and mobilizing your friends and family to collect donations. Or join your forces with other philanthropists around you and create your Giving Circle.

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Create Your Giving Circle

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