Young Professionals for TPF

Committed to community and positive change, Turkish Philanthropy Funds has established Young Professionals for TPF. Change doesn’t happen overnight. And it certainly can’t happen without the next generation involved.

Young Professionals for TPF’s mission is to (1) lead TPF’s movement for change in Turkey and (2) develop leadership skills. It is committed to adding value to TPF’s efforts to advance gender equality, improve Turkish education, support Turkish entrepreneurs and economic development and highlight Turkish arts and culture. In return, TPF is committed to ensuring that young people interested in Turkey develop the skills necessary to be come future philanthropists and sit on both for-profit and non-profit boards.

Join us. Young Professionals for TPF is currently taking applications to expand. We warn you though, the application process is highly competitive. We’re not interested inindividuals who just want to add something to his or her resume. TPF is offering skills training, networking and mentoring opportunities to young professionals who will commit their time and energy to taking TPF to the next level.

Young Professionals for TPF is governed by the Junior Board, which currently has 6 members who are passionate about TPF and philanthropy.