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We believe everyone is a philanthropist!

Giving through TPF offers an easiest way for you to realize your humanitarian interests. Satisfaction comes from knowing that your contributions have been effective and have created positive change.

We invite you to make a difference and get involved in the work of TPF! There are many ways: You can donate, adopt a project, start your own fund, volunteer or recommend us!

Why Give through TPF?

As the number of successful Turkish-Americans grew rapidly in the last 2-3 decades, interest in giving back to Turkey also grew. Yet, the challenge was to find credible and transparent civil society organizations back home. Having done thorough due diligence, Turkish Philanthropy Funds provides the service of connecting high-impact social organizations in Turkey to the Turkish community in the United States. As a result, donors not only receive the simplicity and tax advantage (as per US law) of a public charity combined with personal recognition but also involvement and flexibility of a private foundation for not only giving to their local causes in the US but also in Turkey. Read more.


Through TPF you can, support one of the 4 areas that we have selected as critical: Education, Livelihoods, Women Empowerment, Arts & Culture; give directly to a project or contribute to a fund that has already been established under TPF. Read more.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Corporate matching gift programs are an opportunity to leverage your donations. Your donated dollar can instantly become two, even six!

Start your own Fund

TPF offers an easy, flexible, effective and permanent way to accomplish your philanthropic dreams. Read more.

Adopt a Project

If there is a project that you feel passionate about and would really like bring it to life, you can adopt it! If you do, we will create you your own web-page so that you can collect donations and trace your results. Read more.

Contribute to a Fund

You may choose to donate to a fund that has already been established by TPFRead more.


There are a number of different ways you can help TPF! Talk about us, help out at an event or host one!

Donor Bill of Rights

Read about your rights at TPF as a donor.

Gift Acceptance Policy

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